Hunting Holidays

Here at Pengelly Farm, we offer a chance to experience hunting like no other in the British Isles.
Within an hours drive, you can access five hunts in Cornwall; these are The Four Burrow, The Western, The Cury, The North, and the East Cornwall Hunts. We are situated within 5 mins drive from the A30, the central road running throughout Cornwall, which makes us the ideal base to go and visit other packs of hounds.

Cornwall is unique, in that, one can hunt over such varying country, that you will not find anywhere else. From the small “pocket handkerchief “ fields of the west of Cornwall, with its banks, stone flies and rails; to land overlooking the beautiful harbour of Port Isaac ( as featured in the TV programme “Doc Martin”); to the rugged beauty of Bodmin Moor, where a sure footed horse is paramount.

The property featured on this site, is available to rent, as a package with stabling for your horse/horses. As you can see, it sleeps six , and is of a very high standard.

We advise you to arrange your own hunt trip ( ie which hunts you would like to visit ), by contacting the hunts in our area, so that you can combine one or two hunts whilst here, and visit the country that most suits you and your horse. Contact details will be listed below.

If you would like help in deciding how to package your visit, please don’t hesitate to ring Mrs Hicks on 07973473118, ( although if I am out hunting, as is usually the case, please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.)

The price of the package will vary according to the date, but the price will include stabling, bedding, and hay / haylage. We will aim to accommodate all your horses needs.

Mr and Mrs P Hicks extend an invitation to stay in our newly converted barn complex, and experience hunting in our diverse, and beautiful countryside, an experience you are unlikely to forget.